Supervisor Allocation For M.Tech 4th Sem

Name of studentThesis topicSupervisor
Dikshya ShresthaPreparation and evaluation of protein hydrolysate prepared by utilizing byproduct of ChickenProf. Dr. Dhan Bahadur Karki
  Tulasa DahalStudy on the microbiological effect during incubation and storage of yoghurt with response to container type and incubation temperature  Prof. Pashupati Mishra
  Sangam DahalPreparation and evaluation of antimicrobial edible coatings for meat and meat products from treated and untreated potato starch in combination with Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) and Bojho (Acorus calamus) extract    Prof. Basanta Kumar Rai
  Tanka BhattaraiAntimicrobial and anti-oxidant effects of spice extracts on shelf life extension of sargyangma  Babita Adhilkari Dahal
  Bhawana Sharma GhimireOptimization of different plant proteases in hard cheese preparation  Bunty Maskey
  Sanjay ChaudharyPreparation and optimization of Peda, an indigenous dairy sweet product of Nepal  Nabin Gautam
  Dinesh SubediEffect of pretreatments and drying air temperature on physical, sensory and microbiological quality of dried meat product (Sukuti)  Devraj Acharya
  Binesh RajbanshiPreparation and quality evaluation of the semi fermented meat product Tugrymbae  Arjun Ghimire
  Goma ShresthaEffect of green banana flour as fat replacer on sensory and technological quality of cooked chicken pattie  Kabindra Bhattarai
  Ramesh KoiralaWhey protein hydrolysing capacity of Protease enzyme extracted from Kinema, a traditionally fermented Soyabean product of Nepal  Dambar Bahadur Khadka
  Krishna ChaliseEffect of local Nepalese indigenous herbs on the antioxidant and antimicrobial quality of chicken meat in comparison with medicinal antibiotics    Yadav KC  
Supervisor Allocation For M.Tech 4th Sem

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